Alex Benepe
Putting the I in IQA

One of the main things that has kept me in Quidditch for 8 years now is the joy of sharing the sport with others. 

And the act of sharing the sport has no greater success - or challenge - than the spreading of the sport across borders, oceans, and even languages. 

When we made the switch from “intercollegiate” to “international” in 2010, it was to expand the scope of what quidditch was and what it could be. Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. 

This year, we have FIVE nations competing in the World Cup, which is the most ever: France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and of course the United States. 

However, the teams coming from other nations almost all face higher costs than any other team attending the cup. They are traveling the farthest, they have to deal with language barriers, converting money, and making sure their passports are all in order. They all REALLY want to come, to play against other teams and meet other players from around the globe. But if they can’t increase their fundraising, it might be tough/impossible for them to make it. 

And plus, we all want them there! Don’t you want to play against a team who calls out their plays in Italian? To mingle at the afterparty with some french players? To talk to Mexican players in the teams village and learn the spanish word for “bludger”? Without teams like this, the World Cup is just a name. And I’d like to make it more than that. Would you? 

If so, then please do what you can to donate a few dollars to these teams (please note that paypal automatically converts your donation to euros for the european teams at no extra cost). I hate to sound cliche, but even one dollar makes a difference. If each player in the IQA donated one dollar to each of these teams, they’d all easily surpass their fundraising goals and be able to make it to the cup. 

And if you can’t donate (or if you can), then please at least reblog this, and maybe someone else can. 

Thank you for your time and support of the dream that is international quidditch. 

Support the Milano Meneghins from Italy! Click here. 

Support the Paris Phenix from France! Click here. 

Support Tec Quidditch from Mexico! Click here. 

Support Ottawa Quidditch from Canada! Click here. 

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    Sending my love to Tec Quidditch!
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